Holistic fertility support

For some women trying for a baby comes with great challenges, involving many months or even years trying to conceive.  This struggle eventually leads many women to seek support. In order to have a great chance of success on this journey, it is key to have supportive practitioners with you along the way. There are many benefits to a collaborative approach around fertility, supporting and looking at the patients needs from many angles is paramount.

So, what would it look like to be supported by a naturopath and a fertility specialist at the same time? Depending on your personal circumstances the answer will vary.

Naturopaths can support patients in many ways during IVF and assisted fertility treatments. Nutritional status is a big part of this supporting role, in particular by optimizing the health of the eggs and sperm. Another part  is correcting the diet and helping the body to increase detoxification so that it is ready to hold and support a pregnancy. There is also the emotional and physical stress that trying to conceive can put on your body. Naturopaths are able to help support their patients and help manage accompanying stress and anxiety using herbs and nutrients, as well as emotional support and counselling.

Alternatively, naturopathy can also support many women who want to try to conceive naturally before embarking on IVF. Herbal medicine and nutrition, as well as lifestyle modifications, can help to get women’s menstrual cycles back to regular monthly cycles which in turn, regulates ovulation and increases the chances of natural conception. Having a regular monthly bleed and regular ovulation is key to maximizing your chances of conception. Herbs have been used throughout history to support women in this way.  Some conditions causing infertility will absolutely require medical intervention, and we are in such a fortunate position to have modern medicine available to support us.

This large array of problems including complex hormonal imbalances, tubal problems, endometriosis and genetic diseases will always require medical care.

Fertility problems are a big challenge for many people trying to conceive. Having the right support and guidance is essential to finding the right solution. In certain cases this will mean the support of medical intervention and in other cases it may be simpler adjustments and natural medicine. Regardless of your needs and choices around fertility treatment preconception care, with the support of nutrition, lifestyle and herbal medicine are a great starting place. Preconception care ensures that you have the best building blocks for success, we recommend approximately three months of preconception care to really help optimize the health of eggs and sperm.