Georgia Borowski

A passionate and empathetic naturopath, with a curiosity and ambition to achieve optimal health for myself and my patients


As a naturopath I believe in an integrative and holistic approach to health.  Whilst focussing on the current concerns of the patient I always look at the underlying causes of their symptoms. I strive to provide the best care and support with treatment plans along with  educating and empowering my patients towards the best self care.


Together we look at your current diet and discuss ways of making improvements specific to your needs. An integral part of my philosophy towards treatment and health goals is making changes that are empowering to the patient allowing them to take responsibility for their health and be able to manage changes in the long term.  


Studying herbal medicine for 4 years gave me an incredible insight into this traditional medicine and just how impactful it is. I use herbal medicinal as a gentle but effective way to help rectify many problems in the body. It’s benefits in improving digestion and elimination, general immunity, hormonal support and general  energy is far reaching. 

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Your health is important

It is so incredible to watch the transformations that patients make when they commit to change.  

I look forward to supporting you on your health journey.